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Why Hire Me?

Working together we'll get the job done!

Life is too damn short to waste another day feeling bad, having no energy, hating how you look, and dreading another day. This is Your Story. How do you want it to unfold from this moment on? Excuses? Regrets?


I say it's time to rock & roll and create an amazing life for yourself. Let me help you and you just might be surprised at how much fun we have along the way!

 So,what are you waiting for? Contact me today and let’s get going!

The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, NOW.

       -Leo Babauta

People Are Talking

Why we love working with Zo!

  • "After I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I began training with Zo. My balance, strength, and coordination improved. And even more important, so did my confidence! Zo’s expectations are high, he’s very knowledgeable, and he’s well-organized. He takes a personal interest in you, tailors the workout to your specific needs, keeps a close eye on you, and makes it fun! I moved to Phoenix in 2017, and I still miss this special man." - Pauline Urbano Hechler, retired nonprofit executive 

  • Zo's  training has improved my strength and general well being. I appreciate his patience, guidance and encouragement which motivates me to do better. - Don Doran, 85 years old

  • "l can't recommend Zo Carroll highly enough for anyone wanting to improve their mental and physical health through working out. He's personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to proper nutrition and personal training. Simply put, with his help, l've lost fat, and gained muscle. Zo Carroll gets results! Try him, you'll like him!" - Sincerely, Phil Filleul  

  • "Zo is a master trainer and the most positive person I know. If you want to get fit safely and learn how to stay fit in an atmosphere of well-being you want to train with Zo Carroll!" - Gail Masi  

  • "Zo is an inspiring and motivating trainer who works with the individual’s specific needs and goals. His knowledge and expertise of health and fitness expands far beyond physical exercise and training . He is also an excellent  resource on nutrition and emotional /behavioral aspects of well-being. Zo has been an asset to me and my family members for years now. We absolutely love him." -Monica Hulquist 

  • "Zo Carroll is a personal trainer of unparalleled expertise. He’s not only dedicated his life to the pursuit of better health through fitness and nutrition, but he has an uncanny ability to convey his craft to his clients with clarity and kindness. I have been a disciple of weight training for over forty years, but when I need to re evaluate my routine, Zo has always been my person to help me tweak my exercises for maximum benefit.  As a human being, and as a professional, he is a perfect mix of wisdom, patience and compassion. To your health!" - Janis Findlay TRFC member of thirty years 

  • "To any and all concerned, Zo pulled me out of a 2 year arm injury and basically returned 100 percent of my strength back through all but 30 degrees of forward arm rotation. He truly knows what he's doing and knowing him has been a true gift." - Gary Sullivan, former Navy Seal

  • "If you are new at working out or haven't worked out in a while and want to start back uo, Zo is the person for you! With the dedication and love he has for each of his clients, you will not be disappointed. Each workout is tailored to your needs and what you can do. If you have any type of injuries, Zo will make sure to modify the exercise or come up with another routine. There is no one else I would recommend but him!" - Taylor Hultuist, college student.

  • "My first training session with Zo was in January 2011. His first question to me was what was my goal, what did I want to accomplish?  I told him I wanted to be able to wear a tank top ASAP.  Within a few months I was. I am a runner and a tennis player, but I did not know my way around weight training and lacked the discipline to do it on a regular basis.  Zo taught me an appreciation for weight training that I still have to this day. We moved from Tucson three years ago but I’m still training and enjoying the benefits of a healthy body. Thank you Zo!" - Monica Ponoroff

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